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Non Dairy Items

Non Dairy :

Denver meats

Sulomon's farm fresh Non dairy products-denver--meats

  • Hippey Hot dogs
  • Ring bologna
  • Sweet and smoked snack sticks (no fillers).

The best around from Denver PA.

 Zooks –Meat Pies 

Sulomon's farm fresh Non dairy products-zooks-meat-pies

Chicken and beef pies made right out of Lancaster County PA.

A true homemade pie. Much better than anything you’d find in a grocery store 

 Positively Pasta

Sulomon's farm fresh Non dairy products-positively-pasta

Gourmet handmade pasta and sauces made right here in Pottsown, PA.


GMO Free Fed Chicken and Beef

Sulomon's farm fresh Non dairy products-beef


GMO Free Fed Chicken and beef raised by a nearby farming family. This chicken and beef is USDA approved



Sulomon's Dairy- Bake-goods-mcclures

Located in Gap, PA, McClures has been with us since we originally opened. Delicious homemade sticky buns and great tasting sho-fly pies. There is something for everyone

Company Cakes

Sulomon's Dairy- Bake-goods-small-individual-cakes

Yet another local business located right her in Pottstown PA. They make some of the best cakes and pies around. We sell a variety of small individual cakes, sugar cookies and pies. We also have variety of sheet cakes and rolls available for special orders.

Fleetwood PA

Sulomon's Dairy- Bake-goods-ruthies-pretzels-and-baked-goods

Ruthies pretzels and baked goods made in fleetwood pa. These baked goods are delivered fresh every Saturday. They make a mean whoopie pie, cream filled with 2 types of cream, regular and peanut butter. They also make great tasting pretzels. Buttery tasting pretzels, hard or soft. They also make pastries, cookies breads and so much more.

 Tasty-Kakes and MTM products

Sulomon's Dairy- Bake-goods-tasty-kakes-and-mtm-products


Tasty-Kakes and MTM products are also available. Creme filled donuts, cupcakes, and breakfast danish are some of the favorites.